Purpose of Elastos DMA Team

The team has long been engaged in the construction and operation of digital marketing and e-business platforms. We have accumulated a wealth of experience over the past decade, and deeply understand the problems brought to us by the centralised commercial monopolies.

We firmly believe that good blockchain and blockchain related platforms will eventually be implemented through effective commercial applications. Based on deep understanding of the commercial market and its operational model, we have defined the intermediate service layer of DMA as part of the core Elastos services, focusing on decentralised digital marketing and e-commerce.

As a firm ally of Elastos, we have decided to participate in this election. This will bring mutual benefit to the Elastos community and the DMA project team.

How can you benefit from ElastosDMA Supernode?

1. Supernode revenue dividends

The benefits from the supernode will be distributed to all the supporters and contributors, according to a certain percentage. Every effort, regardless of how little, can be rewarded. We will put the reward plan in the code, which ensures the distribution to be open, just and completely fair.

2. Multiple revenue sources for more dividends

The Elastos DMA framework may have future value-added services for DMA related dApps. These value-added services would generate revenue to the DMA platform. Part of the revenue will be distributed to support the daily supernode IT operation. By spending less from the supernode revenue pool, node supporters and contributors will receive a bigger share.

3. Node Reward Distribution Plan

After the operation and maintenance expenditure of the node, the rest is the rewards to be distributed. We reserve 25% to team as the incentive fund, and 75% to our loyal voters.

The rewards is distributed weekly. The distribution time is about Monday afternoon to evening in Beijing time. The payout wallet address is: EWDHJor9Ceuk4bSgoBFQHJBvYxc3g3cDEs and the transaction will have note 'Elastos DMA Super Node Reward Distribution'. The node rewards distribution weekly report will be published to the community after each round of distribution.

4. Get DMA token rewards

DMA Token is a mixed fee and governance token of the DMA ecological application system in Elastos. The token is issued in a fixed amount of 1 billion on the ELA-ETH sidechain, and distributed to the participants of the DMA ecosystem through mining. The current mining rate is 1 DMA = 0.001 ELA. Become a voting supporter of the DMA Supernode. On the basis of the weekly rewards of the ELA, the voting supporters will receive an additional amount of DMA token.

Making the DMA platform sustainable long term

For platform projects like DMA , rather than relying on the Elastos foundation, or other third-parties, it should be able to support itself for the long term. This is an important point of our campaign. It is an innovative business model in order for non-profit, or low-profit platform projects to be financially sustainable. It is healthy for ecosystem project development in the Elastos community.

About the Elasots DMA project

Elastos DMA (Decentralised Digital Marketing) platform is based on the Elastos infrastructure. It establishes an intermediate protocol layer that supports digital assets and personal data management. Controlled by code, it enables merchants and consumers to communicate directly, making effective combinations, and transferring value at the same time.

Currently we have completed the Elastos DMA 1.0 Beta, including the tokenized asset management, asset exchange agreement, market and stores, asset wallets, and user decentralised ID (DID). Developers will be able to build their own dApps based on the DMA platform very soon.

More info about DMA project is available on the DMA website: www.elastosDMA.org.

Voting tutorial

1. After logging in to Elastos wallet, click [Supernode Election] in [Discovery] page.
2. Click [Vote] to enter the voting page of the Supernode.
3. Find [ElastosDMA] node and click to enter the node information page.
4. Click [Add to candidate list]
5. Click [View Candidate List] to enter my choosen candidate list, select ElastosDMA Team Supernode, and click [I want vote] in the lower right corner.
6. After the transaction is confirmed,click [My Vote] and the user can query the voting record.